Eve in the color black
Eve in the color gray
Eve in the color dark blue
Eve in the color light blue
Eve in the color purple
Eve in the color rouge/pink
Eve in the color lavender
Diagram of Eve calling out the socks features and benefits which include merino wool, spandex, arch support and a flat toe seam.

Eve The Original Ladies Light Weight Hiker Crew


Eve is made for the perfect hike.

Every part of Eve is thoughtfully designed-- from the 360-degree arch support that helps keep our bodies aligned and balanced to the pillow-soft cushioning in the heel and toe that supports and lifts us higher. We added fortified spandex and flex grooves throughout the leg and ankle to ensure she would stay up through tough activities and we flattened the toe seam to keep from tugging on tired toes.

The most important part of Eve is her dual-toned mesh. Keeping your feet ventilated and dry is critical to reducing the sweat and bacteria build-up that causes stinky feet. During outdoor treks, mesh is your friend, reducing the moisture and friction that causes blisters.

Eve is soo into saving the planet - she is made of Merino wool, a natural, biodegradable fiber that does not require any chemical treatments and is easy on the environment. Bonus: it’s also naturally sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial, and breathable.