Woman in a dress changing her high heel shoes for Tough Cutie hiking socks and hiking boots

ToughCutie Brand Manifesto

ToughCutie Brand Manifesto

We are the knowing look from your mama when you’re about to jump into a puddle and the warm hug wrapping you in a towel when it's all said and done. We’re the call from your ride-or-die bestie at midnight asking you to eat ice cream and ugly cry.

We are unapologetically sassy and unequivocally comforting. Being different from the ground up made us who we are and who we will become—from head to toe. We are fierce, intelligent, tenacious, playful, and bold. We are complexly beautiful.

We are female and we are the future, in case you haven’t heard.  

We design high-quality women’s outdoor & lifestyle products with a purposeful and impactful approach.  “Shrink it and pink it?” Hard pass. We are change-makers and we are changing the perception of gender inequality. Rather than pitting women and men against each other, we foster an inclusive mindset that views men and women working together as part of the solution. We hold other companies accountable for doing the same by not letting diversity and inclusion initiatives be cash cows for lazy marketers.

We are the new kids on the block with old souls. 

Today, fast fashion brands produce at hyper speed, cause hyper stress, and create hyper waste to stay on trend. All of us at Tough Cutie are busy chasing kids, careers, and dreams—among other things. We don’t have time to chase fleeting trends. We believe in craftsmanship and self-care—both of which take time. Luckily, we're patient and in it for the long haul. So buckle up chickadees, it going to be a fun, bumpy ride.

Brittany Coleman
ToughCutie Founder and CEO

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