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Can't improve these socks!

Comfortable, durable, and my planter fasciitis hasn't come back :)

Can't improve these socks!

Comfortable, durable, and my planter fasciitis hasn't come back!

My day to day winter sock!

Warm, cozy and not stinky (despite me wearing them about and about in the snow, shoveling and running, and not washing them as much as I should have). The heal and toe cushion is great for warmth and comfort! I live in a very snowy place with lots of shoveling and desire to play in the snow. These were my go to for long days. I would have shoveling in the am with a midday break to play outside in the snow and then maybe some afternoon shoveling, and these kept me warm and dry all day! Also as a bonus I love the bear design, bears are my favorite animal and they make me happy to look down and see them on my socks!

Favorite socks

Like a hug for your foot. So supportive and cushioned in just the right places to leave my feet happy after being out on any adventure. Worth the price and will last a long time!

Great Socks! Great Company!

They are great for hiking and all day wear. Very comfortable. I’m buying more to give to family and friends.

My new fav hiking socks

I received these socks as a gift right before a multi-day hike in the Grand Canyon. They are super comfortable. I washed and wore them three times during this trip and they held up great. They have just the right amount of cushioning. They hug my arches perfectly and are not too tight around the ankles. Highly recommend.

Hug for your Ski Feet

I love these socks! To be honest I get to ski a few laps a day in between juggling all the things and I have put these socks through a very busy Winter and they are awesome. I go from work shoes to ski boots and the socks live in my ski bag. Imagine days and days without a wash and they are sturdy, responsive, and do not smell! I appreciate the cushioned aspects and the merino wool is so warm and comfortable. I highly recommend them and I love the cute branding on the toes as well.

My ride or die ski socks

These ski socks are the best - nice and soft! They have cushion where you need cushion, keep everything toasty, and are snug enough that nothing slides around and creates blisters, but roomy enough that your feet don't feel suffocated. I like the length - they hit about an inch above the top of my ski boot. I often have to ski with toe warmers but not with these socks - I was able to make it bell-to-bell without my feet getting cold at all. I took them on a multi-day ski trip a couple of weeks ago and they stood the test of repetitive use (and didn't get too stinky, either!). I'd recommend then for everyone!

LOVE these!

I have been skiing in these socks all winter and I have to say I am VERY impressed. I live in the Lake Tahoe area and the lightweight merino is absolutely perfect for our conditions. The selective padding is amazing and helps maintain a snug fit without making my feet overheat. That said these are plenty warm when and where is counts. I often struggle with socks that squeeze my calves and cause my feet to go numb, but these are snug without doing so and they still fit my foot without having a bunch of extra material bunched up in the toe. My one concern was that these might not wear as well over time, because of my experience with sock made from similar material, but these have been skied and climbed in, washed and worn and still look and feel amazing. So stoked to finally have a go to pair of socks I can rely on.

This is the Best. Sock. Ever.

A year ago I bought a pair of these at REI on a whim. As soon as I put them on, I loved them more than all my other hiking socks. I soon discovered that the compressive and cushioning fit was not only more comfortable, but I never once got a blister from wearing them. I bought three more pair and wore them almost exclusively during a 190-mile trek in England. No blisters. I'll never look back. Now I probably own ten pair. So glad to find you, Tough Cutie!

Best workout socks!

I do strength training during the week and my feet get pretty sweaty. I developed a fungus on my toenail after a pedicure and needed to find a workout sock that would keep my feet dry.
These are my absolute favorite socks to train in. The compression is great for blood flow, super comfortable, and most important for me they keep my feet dry. Some socks can be too tight and hard to put on or slide during the workout but these are perfect!

l walk about 2 1/2 miles each morning in the NM hills. Lots of up and down and rocks. I'm 77 and need all the help I can get. These socks actually make my trek a comfortable journey. They don't ride down or bunch up. Hope they keep me going for a long while.


These socks are so comfortable and fit perfectly. Great arch band and these socks do not roll on the foot (my biggest pet peeve in a sock). The ankle is not tight nor constricting. I wear these socks all day at work and my feet are dry at the end of the day.


These socks are amazing. They are super soft and I love the amount of compression they have. I also like that they are thick but not too thick. They also have great flexability

Incredible Socks!!

Tough Cutie socks are so comfortable!!

Tough Cuties Rock

Ordered these socks for my partner as she needed some new hiking socks. Seeing these and tough cuties mission made this an instant buy. Top notch quality and comfort. Glad to have a product made for and by women .

My wife loves the gear. Great quality and looks fantastic.

New fav socks

These are wonderful socks - my new favs. No complaints, get yourself a pair or six like I did.

So comfortable!

I have joint instability and bursitis in my feet. These socks have just the right amount of support. They're much softer than other wool socks I've tried. These socks are so worth it!

Real comfortable socks.

Not too tight around my legs!

Excellent Socks!

As a long time lover of Darn Tough and any wool clothing, these socks did not disappoint in any way. I usually wear a medium in socks since I like a close fit (size 10 - 10.5 shoe) but went with a large here, they fit good with a little room, but would probably go back to a medium.


These are the first wool socks that have not been binding on my ankles! What a relief. There’s enough room and stretch for those of us with larger leg and ankle sizes.

Best outdoor wool socks

These are my favorite socks! Better than Smart Wool and Darn Tough. Breathable, moisture wicking - great for all outdoor activity!

So comfy!

I love Tough Cutie socks, and these ones are a great option to have in my sock drawer. They fit well, work great paired with leggings or running shorts, and work with runners, hiking boots, blundstones or any footwear! Great job on making excellent socks!

Great socks

Perfect socks for outdoor activities. They provide the perfect amount of cushion/comfort without overheating. The color options are great and I love how they feel against my skin