High Quality Hiking Gear for Women

High Quality Hiking Gear for Women

  • ToughCutie Socks
  • Gnara Go There Pants
  • Athleta Ultimate Bra
  • Osprey Tempest 20 Daypack
  • Trailventure 2 WP Hiking Boots
  • Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles
  • With many options for camping and hiking gear on the market, here at ToughCutie we wanted to target the best hiking gear for women. Whether you are going on a short hike or a long, strenuous day hike, it’s important to have high quality hiking gear for women. The correct hiking gear can help prevent injuries, provide comfort and even provide security on the trail. Here is a list of some of our favorite products to level up your next adventure.  

    ToughCutie Socks

    The best women’s hiking socks around are ToughCutie Eve Socks. Known as the original ladies lightweight hiker crew sock, they are designed with comfort and arch support in mind. ToughCutie socks are made by women in the USA with premium quality merino wool and are the best women’s hiking gear to support your feet, prevent blisters and last a long time. These women’s outdoor lifestyle socks are moisture wicking, versatile socks that are perfect for any outdoor adventure. If you are a woman who enjoys outdoor recreation, these ToughCutie hikers are the best women’s athletic socks to invest in this summer!

     Gnara Go There Pants

    Another one of the best high quality hiking gear for women are Gnara’s Go There Pants. The patented GoFlyTM zipper technology extends from the regular fly all the way to the back of the pants. This allows women to unzip and pee with comfort and security without removing any clothes while they are hiking. This genius technology helps women who hike go to the bathroom discreetly and safely on the trail. These cute and comfortable pants, made specifically for women are adjustable, stretch and include 5 large pockets for trail snacks or your phone. These pants may be the next best thing for female hikers, so make sure you get yourself a pair for your next hike!

    Athleta Ultimate Bra

    A comfortable day on the trail can’t be complete without a supportive hiking bra. The Athleta Ultimate Bra comes in sizes A-C as well as the Ultimate Bra D-DD+ to accommodate women with all different bra sizes. This bra is ideal for hiking since it is the perfect height on the chest, is quick-dry, is designed for medium outdoor impact and is made sustainably with recycled nylon. This moisture wicking bra is made for both comfort and support, so women who hike have a versatile go-to bra for their outdoor adventures. This will be your favorite hiking bra and most likely your go-to bra for an active lifestyle. 

    Osprey Tempest 20 

    For women’s day hiking, the Osprey Tempest 20 is one of the best daypacks when it comes to quality and comfort. This lightweight women’s daypack is perfect for any ToughCutie hikers who are looking for an adjustable daypack with several pockets that is durable, but not too heavy. The Osprey Tempest 20 is one of the most high quality packs for women due to all the special features. There is an attachment for trekking poles, the waist has a hip belt and the women-specific fit comes in two sizes. The daypack is made with recycled high-tenacity nylon and the AirscapeTM back panel technology moves with you as you hike up and down the trail. This is the best women’s hiking backpack for day hikes with its perfect size and the extensive backpack features. 

    Trailventure 2 WP Hiking Boots

    If you are looking for women’s hiking boots to pair with ToughCutie women’s hiking socks, look no further than the Trailventure 2 WP Hiking Boots. These rugged hiking boots for women are lightweight with a roomy toe box and stay dry during all weather conditions. This waterproof boot also features a Vibram Megagrip outsole that stays sturdy on varied terrain and prevents slipping on wet surfaces. These women’s hiking shoes are an ideal choice for day hikes with a light load in your pack. If you are looking for a lightweight hiking boot for your weekend hiking trips, this should be your go-to women’s hiking boot.

    Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

    Now that you have your ToughCutie boot socks and your Trailventure hiking boots on, the last piece of high quality hiking gear you need are Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles. These are the best trekking poles for women due to the zero-slip easily adjustable length and the grips to accommodate smaller hand sizes for women. The poles extend from 39 to 49 inches and the low profile baskets can provide grip, but won’t catch on the terrain easily. With foam grips and padded wrist straps, these women’s hiking poles will help you on steep inclines and give your knees more support on the way down the mountain. Trekking poles significantly help take pressure off your knees and can provide additional support and comfort on the trail. 

    High quality hiking gear is imperative for women on the trail. Take your time to find the best hiking gear and feel more comfortable and confident on your outdoor adventures! If you are planning a solo hiking adventure, check out our safety tips for solo female hikers.


    Written by: Lydia Schuldt

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