By Maddisyn Blue

June, 2024

Unveiling the Stories Behind Garage Grown Gear: Championing Small Brands in the Outdoor Industry

ToughCutie socks is now one of the Garage Grown Gear brands

About Garage Grown Gear

In the bustling world of outdoor gear, where big names dominate the landscape, a small but mighty force is making waves. Garage Grown Gear, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, stands as a beacon for ultralight enthusiasts since its inception in 2017. From its humble beginnings in Lloyd's basement to becoming the go-to destination for ultralight gear and accessories, this online marketplace is rewriting the rules of the game. Co-Founders Amy Hatch and Lloyd Vogel, both avid ultralight backpackers, have steered the company with a singular mission: to amplify the voices of small brands and showcase their exceptional products.

Balancing Brand Identity and Collaboration

One might wonder how Garage Grown Gear maintains its own brand identity while championing others. According to the founders, the key lies in collaboration over competition. They emphasize putting the brands they collaborate with at the forefront, highlighting their stories and products. By positioning themselves as allies rather than competitors, they create a space where innovation thrives and small brands shine

"We really try to always put our brands first, emphasizing collaboration instead of competition! For us this means leading with the stories and products of the brands themselves, and letting folks know that they can find a whole bunch of innovative small and ultralight brands in one place on GGG. Our brands are what make GGG special, so they are always our top priority."

 - Lloyd Vogel

The Role of ToughCutie in the Journey

Among the roster of brands Garage Grown Gear collaborates with, ToughCutie stands out as a prime example. This small brand crafts remarkable products that deserve widespread recognition.

Garage Grown Gear sees it as their duty to amplify ToughCutie's awesomeness, acting as a beacon in the often challenging outdoor industry. Through their partnership, Garage Grown Gear contributes to their broader mission of supporting small brands, ensuring that innovation and quality are celebrated.


Storytelling as a Marketing Tool

At the heart of Garage Grown Gear's marketing strategy lies storytelling. Through brand pages, blog posts, and social media, they weave narratives that showcase the unique journeys of the small brands they collaborate with. This approach humanizes these brands, highlighting the real people behind the products and the interesting stories that accompany them. By sharing these narratives, Garage Grown Gear not only promotes their partners but also creates a deeper connection with their audience.

In a world where giants dominate the landscape, Garage Grown Gear stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and storytelling. By lifting up small brands and amplifying their voices, they not only redefine success but also create a community where innovation thrives and stories are celebrated. As they continue their journey, one thing remains clear: Garage Grown Gear is more than just a marketplace; it's a movement.


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