How to Make your Merino Wool Socks Last Longer

How to Make your Merino Wool Socks Last Longer

If you are frugal like we are, but you still invested $$ in a pair of socks, you expect them to last you a while. We stand by the quality of our socks 100% and have designed them with durability in mind. That said, even Ferraris require maintenance to perform at their best. So, here are our tips to get even more mileage out of your outdoor socks.

Trim your toenails 

Yes, we said it. Someone had to, okay. Trimming your toenails regularly can help prevent snags and holes in your socks, not to mention ingrown toenails and that uncomfortable smushed achy feeling inside your shoe. If you are going on a longer trek for multiple days, remember to trim your nails before you leave. Finger nail clippers are really small so you may also want to pop them into your pack to use later.

If you needed an excuse to treat yourself and get a pedicure, here you go! Men, it's the 21st century so this applies to you too.
Wash your socks with care  
To reduce pilling, turn your socks inside out before washing them in the machine
on the wool or delicate cycle. Better yet, hand wash them with lukewarm water and a mild detergent for colorfastness.
Let them air dry 
Merino wool is naturally moisture-wicking so it should dry quickly. For best results on or off the trail, let them air dry by laying them flat or hanging from a clothesline. If you have to put them in the dryer, tumble dry low.  
Do not iron them 
I’m sure none of you have the time for this anyway. 
Size Up Your Shoe 
If you are going to be hiking for a while, chances are your feet will swell and it's better to be prepared for it. One way to do so is to buy a larger size shoe. Depending on the shoe you, this can mean going a half to a full size bigger to account for potential swelling and make room for your socks. When you’re walking at different elevations, especially downhill, you want to keep your toes from rubbing against your socks and the inside of your shoes. This can break your toe nails, cause pain and rip holes in your socks (see point #1).  

We hope these tips will help you partner with us to help keep our product on your feet for as long as possible and out of the landfill.

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